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Cooperation System with Profit Sharing

  Cakra Franchise Branch Office is an exclusive product of cooperation, ownership and requiring right to market products of CAKRA GROUP LIMITED. The franchise BO is an investment to execute business as partner that supported by system, products and professional human resource to ensure growing and developing business with terms and conditions below :

  To be partner of CAKRA GROUP LIMITED.
  Fill and submit required document.
  Good citizen / corporate.

  Legality of the best support, system and products of Cakra Group Limited.
  Consultancy support in Franchise Business Office planning.
  70% of gross profit of Franchise Business Office.
  Development product to ensure products to follow trend and market.

  Pay USD 231.000 (Two Hundred Thirty One Thousand Dollar) or value will be confirmed at application.
  To reach target.
  To prepare means and facilities for Franchise Branch Office.

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